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Queery's Theory of Change Model

Self   Discovery

Engage audiences in interactive and fun ways to inspire curiosity in queer theory and how it applies to them in their daily lives.


Fostering an understanding and appreciation for diversity and authenticity in themselves and those around them.

Public Education

Provide formal and informal education on key philosophical insights of queer theories to build understanding and appreciation for queer experiences.


Engage and respond to the needs of those in the queer communities to improve the quality of life as well as build trust and solidarity within and between communities.

Coalition Building

Establish partnerships to ally, support, and bolster our collective reach/impact and develop a greater depth of social capital linkages.

What is Queery?

Queery is the combination of two words and one fantastic concept: Queer Theory. 

Our mission is to present queer theories to the general public in accessible, appealing and fun ways.

Our art-based violence prevention educational campaigns and programs use creative arts and social media to bring to life projects like:

As well as programs like:

We also use posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, and our very own card game, Just Love, to help make complex queer concepts more manageable to understand and openly discuss.

Our vision is to live in a world where people continue to ask questions in order to live more freely and be their truest self.


We invite you to look around, join in one of our campaigns, participate in our programs or purchase one of our beautiful, fun and conversation-starting products, and to keep asking questions.

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What People Are Saying:

“Queery’s art opens up dialogue that is accessible to the general public where the images are engaging and causes a spectator to ask themselves questions about their own experiences and involvement and social paradigms.”
-Foster Concannon, Manager of the Rock Club

The Team

Would you like to meet the Queery Team? Below, you'll find the names, titles and pronouns of the Queery Team.

Want to see more about us?  Simply click below to learn more.

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