What is Queery?

Queery is the combination of two words and one fantastic concept: Queer Theory. 

Located in the heart of Westchester, our mission is to present queer theories to the general public in accessible, appealing and fun ways.


Our art-based violence prevention educational programs use creative art and media projects such as books, t-shirts, stickers, and comics to make complex concepts more manageable to include in discursive learning.

Our vision is to live in a world where people continue to ask questions in order to live more freely.


We invite you to poke around, read one of our thought provoking blogs, buy one of our beautiful products, and keep asking questions.

Sticks and Stones

Our first project "Sticks and Stones: Reclaiming Names That Were Used to Hurt Us" takes a closer look at the impact of various derogatory terms used within and against LGBT communities to stimulate discussion about the dangers of heteronormative values.

25 rebuses (16" x 20" visual puzzles) and many printed personal stories are available for display at LGBTQ programs, high school, and college settings.  A suggested lesson plan is provided for the facilitator, program manager, teacher or professor. 


For more information, or to schedule a workshop, please contact James Young, Program Director.

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