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Welcome to Queery's 
Here We Welcome Everyone 

Here We Welcome Everyone (HWWE) is a Queery community-building project where we ask local establishments to make the claim that they welcome everyone regardless of age, color, culture, gender, LGBTQIA+, and/or religious identities and expressions by displaying this decal in their door or window. 

Benefits to Consumers:

  • Find local establishments that are equality driven.

  • Comment/report on how welcoming the establishment is.

  • Reach out to Queery to ask questions or inquire about training.

  • Since this is also linked to an IG account, establishments have some accountability as comments can be made on IG regarding how affirming the establishment is. 

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Benefits to the Establishment:

  • Be posted on our HWWE social media page.

  • Free advertising as an Equality-Driven Establishment.

  • Access to Queery staff for questions and training.

What to do to get this to happen:

  • Ask an establishment to respect and welcome all people regardless of a person’s age, color, culture, gender, LGBTQIA+, and religious statuses.

  • Ask to place a decal on their door/window.

  • Take a picture of the establishment/ owners/managers and post it on the IG account: HereWeWelcomeEveryone.

  • Comment on the IG account about your experience at the local establishment.

Here We Welcome Decal Flow Code.jpg
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LGBTQIA+ Pride Flag

This latest iteration of the Pride flag, used in the design of this decal, involves the addition of a purple circle on a field of yellow, the design of the intersex flag created by Morgan Carpenter, who identifies as an intersex man. The symbol of the circle represents being unbroken, being whole. The use of purple and yellow are an intentional counterpoint to pink and blue, which are traditional binary, gendered colors. Incorporating the intersex flag with the Progress Pride flag, intersex columnist Valentino Vecchietti created the intersex-inclusive Progress Pride flag. Officially unveiled by the advocacy group Intersex Equality Rights UK in late May 2021. We use this flag in our decal to include all those in LGBTQIA+, TGNCNB and BIPOC communities.

Owning This Decal

Possession of the Here We Welcome Everyone (HWWE) decal means this organization has received training on how to be LGBTQIA+ friendly or is already LGBTQIA+ affirming.  The purpose of this decal is to show this organization/business is:

  • Acknowledged by LGBTQIA+ citizens as affirming.

  • Committed to making their establishment welcoming to all by respectfully addressing issues or situations that may arise concerning a person’s age, color, culture, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ and religious statuses.

  • One whose owners/staff have received and/or will seek and receive Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training from local resources to be able to respectfully address issues or situations that may arise concerning a persons’ age, color, culture, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ and religious statuses.

  • Making, or has made, the necessary efforts to become or remain affirming.

  • Aware that there are further resources and trainings available regarding issues or situations that may arise concerning a person’s age, color, culture, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ and religious statuses.

  • Open to comments/suggestions on how to be more welcoming.

  • Thankful for your continued patronage.

Here We Welcome Decal Flow Code.jpg

Ways to Make Your Organization/Business Affirming

Here is a list of actions you can take to ensure your business/organization is as affirming and welcoming as possible.


Customer Interaction

  • Offer your pronouns whenever and wherever you can

  • Add your pronouns in visible places

    • Name Tags

    • Email Signature

    • Website Bios



  • Modify single-use stalls into gender-neutral bathrooms

  • Representation matters! Put up decorations to show support (i.e., photos, flags, and stickers if/when possible) 



  • Have readable resources about ways and reasons to be more affirming, such as Queery’s Pronoun Doc

  • Use gender-neutral language 

    • “Server” instead of “Waiter/ Waitress”

    • “Police Officer” instead of “Policeman“

    • “Hi Everyone” instead of “Hi Guys”

    • “Staff the table” instead of “Man the table

  • Use/create organizational forms with different pronouns and gender options 

  • Attend Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training

  • Create a support network of people who can discuss similar topics related to a person’s age, color, culture, gender, LGBTQIA+ and religious

  • Include DEI topics in staff meetings/ communication ensuring staff has awareness of affirming practices

  • Review and update your company’s policies, rules and regulations

  • Hold/attend events that celebrate diversity



  • Connect with, donate to, and support people, organizations, and businesses that support marginalized communities

  • Host/sponsor local community events

If you were not made to feel welcome somewhere in Westchester or you want to report a hate incident, you can contact the Westchester County Human Rights Commission


(914) 995-7710


Supported By Our Community Partners :

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