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Thanks to the following sponsors "Sticks and Stones" has had direct contact with over 2,000 people this year.


"Sticks & Stones: Reclaiming Names that Were Used to Hurt Us"

Queery's first project, "Sticks and Stones" is designed as an LGBTQ art-based primary violence prevention discursive program.  It is usually presented in an art gallery setting in teen programs, colleges, teacher training workshops as well as conferences for professional development. 

In a typical 2 hour program (which can be Time tailored to the demographic), participants start with the interactive art gallery display of up to 25 prints (depending on space).  Each print is a rebus, a visual puzzle, of a term used against and within the LGBTQ communities.


The images (seen above) are accompanied with name tents that display the name of the art piece and the derogatory term it represents.  

Along with the print and name tent, collected stories of folkx who have been to the exhibit are displayed throughout the show allowing for participants to read their personal experiences and the impact these words have had on them.

And while viewing the art and stories, participants are encouraged to write down their own stories on post-its provided.  These stories are then added to the collection, and if posted on the wall by the participant, they get typed up anonymously for the next exhibit.

At the end of the viewing period which lasts about 30 minutes, participants are invited to the Speak Out.  During the Speak Out, participants are asked to either pull a story from the wall that had an impact on them, read their own, or share one in the moment.  

After the Speak Out, a facilitated conversation is held by one of the presenters highlighting a few of the dominant toxic heteronormative cultural values embedded in these terms (which is common language for many) including: binary thinking, homophobia, heterosexism, sexism, cissexism privilege, transphobia, biphobia and erasure.

Since this is a discursive education program, the set agenda shifts depending on the group's interest, knowledge, and openness.

Since the name of the project includes something about the reclamation of these terms, we also discuss whether some of these terms are reclaimed by some and perhaps still hurtful to others.  We expect the discussion to be rich and complex as each individual has their own perspective, and we encourage participants to be open and respectful to that experience.

Below are some of the responses from participants and from folkx who have invited us to present.


Thanks to the following sponsors "Sticks and Stones" has had direct contact with over 2,000 people this year.

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