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One of the many things that Queery likes to do is support other Queer people and Queer companies, businesses, and non-profits.

Below you will find a list of those companies, businesses, and non-profits, GoFundMe's, and other ways to donate to people.

Donate With

The Link


Cassie, Jaden, and their mom are leaving Texas with only what fits in their suitcases. Cassie is a 15-year-old transgender girl from El Paso, TX. Her little brother, Jaden, is 9 years old and intellectually disabled with language processing disorder. On September 1, Cassie’s medical care will become illegal in Texas, when SB14 goes into effect. Moving their family to New York to live near me, their uncle, is the only safe option for these two kiddos and their mom right now.

Support Trans Youth 

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But leaving home means leaving most everything behind and having to start over in a whole new state. We could really use your help. We are looking to cover not only the cost of travel, but once in New York, the family will need housing, clothes and shoes, furniture, toys, books, school supplies, and toiletries.


I know that there are a lot of trans kids trying to flee Texas right now, and in that way, we are not special. But these kids have already been through so much more than that. They deserve a second chance.


If you are not able to help monetarily, you can still help by sharing this fundraiser in your social media circles.


Thanks for your support.

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