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Free Pride Zoom Backgrounds

Show your pride using Pride Zoom Backgrounds designed by Queery, sponsored by The Loft LGBT Community Center.

Pride Zoom Backgrounds are free downloadable/screenshot images that are perfect to use for any virtual meeting!


Scroll through the 30+ images below and select your favorites!

​Save them to your smart phone, tablet, or computer and use them during your Zoom conferences, meetings or get-togethers! Show your Pride today!  

Blair Butterfly.png
Updated Gay Pride Flag.jpg
New Pride Flag.jpg
James NYC Zoom Background.PNG

These images are free, however if you are able to donate we suggest $5, (more if you can, less if you can't). 

For your convenience, images are organized into 4 Sections: Abstract, Cities, Sticks and Stones, and Pride.  

Abstract Series

Pride Colors Blur.jpg


Pride Ballooons All.png


Pride Butterfly v2.jpg


New Pride Flag.jpg


Rainbow Paint Smudge.png


Rainbow Swirl.png


Rainbow Paint.png


City Series

Chicago Pride Background.jpg

Chicago Skyline

Hong Kong Pride.jpg

Hong Kong Skyline

Harlem Apollo Pride.jpg


Apollo Theater, Harlem

Paris Pride.jpg

Paris, Eiffel Tower

Seattle Pride.jpg

Seattle Skyline

Fire Island Homes Pride.jpg

Fire Island Homes

London Pride.jpg

London Skyline

New York City Pride.jpg

NYC Skyline

Rome Pride.jpg

Rome Skyline

Fire Island Lighthouse Pride.jpg

Fire Island Lighthouse

Minneapolis Pride.jpg

Minneapolis, MN

Pride Peace.jpg

Orlando, FL

Pride, Peace and Love Mural

San Fran Pride.jpg

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Tokyo Pride.jpg

Tokyo Skyline

Sticks and Stones Series

Take a Bite out of Pride.jpg

Rory Says 

Queery Sticks & Stones Bkgrnd.png

Sticks and Stones Rebuses

Rainbow Cake.png

Rainbow Cake

Pride Flag Series

Agender Pride Flag.jpg

Agender Pride

Ally Pride Flag.jpg

Ally Pride

Asexual Pride Flag.jpg

Asexual Pride

Bear Pride Flag.jpg

Bear Pride

Bisexual Pride Flag.jpg

Bisexual Pride


Genderfluid Pride

Genderqueer Pride Flag.jpg

Genderqueer Pride

Intersex Pride Flag.jpg

Intersex Pride

Lesbian Pride Flag.jpg

Lesbian Pride

Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag.jpg

Lipstick Lesbian Pride

Nonbinary Pride Flag.jpg

Non-binary Pride

Pansexual Pride Flag.jpg

Pansexual Pride

Updated Gay Pride Flag.jpg

Progress Pride

Rainbow Stars & Stripes Flag.jpg

Rainbow Stars & Strips Pride

Trans Pride Flag.jpg

Trans Pride

These images are free, however if you are able to donate we suggest $5 (more if you can, less if you can't) using the link below. 

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