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Happy Pride: A Salute to Bravery

It takes bravery for those who are LGBTQIA+ to be their most authentic selves. It takes bravery to choose to work in defense of your country. And it takes incredible bravery to be LGBTQIA+ and part of the military. From “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to banning transgender folx from serving in the military, the LGBTQIA+ community has been historically discriminated against in the US military. However, history will show time and time again how important it is to include a wide range of diversity in any institution or organization. 


Queermark offers you an opportunity to celebrate Pride Month and the Fourth of July with our “Happy Pride: A Salute to Bravery” card. 


Get these cards today and send them to family and friends to remind them how their bravery makes a world of difference to the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond.

A portion of the proceeds from these cards benefited 2 organizations that support LGBTQIA+ military and veterans. Sparta - A Transgender Military Advocacy Organization is a group that supports trans members currently in the military.  Minorityvets of America is a group that supports minority veterans including LGBTQIA+, people of color, women and religious minorities. Thank you for sharing your love and support through the purchase of these cards.

You can get your cards on our store.

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A special message to Queery


“… thank you for lifting up our mission. Your donation is going to go directly towards helping to push our economic empowerment and leadership development programming. Thank you for helping us move mountains.”


- Andy L. Blevins

  (He, him)

  Operations & Policy Director

  Minority Veterans of America