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Tops and Bottoms: The Limitations and Dangers of Using Hetero-normative Labels for Men Who Have Se

The labels “Top” and “Bottom” within the men who have sex with men (MSM) community may be a great filtering tool for hook ups, and anonymous sex. However, the limits and dangers of using those labels outweigh the benefits. These outdated heteronormative concepts value “Tops” over “Bottoms”, limits the definition of sex to only value penetration, encourage assumptions and discourage communication, supports sexual assault and rape and can lead to violence. Increasing one’s identity to more than just a “Top” or “Bottom” can teach men who have sex with men to value all people regardless of their sexual desires, communicate better with their sex partners, thus decreasing sexual assault, rape a

Queer Theory in Action

Queery is a combination of the words "Queer Theory." The aim of Queery is to deepen our own understanding of Queer Theories and offer our interpretations in creative and fun ways. The ultimate vision of Queery is to encourage everyone to live freely by questioning the various systems that keep us from fully being who we are. Our first project, "Sticks and Stones: Reclaiming Names that Were Used to Hurt Us" was inspired by an article in the Advocate. The article listed various terms that queer people were called when they were younger, and how some of those terms have been claimed by the LGBTQ communities to reclaim their own power. In this project, we examined some of the terms we and ou

Sticks and Stones: Reclaiming Names That Were Used to Hurt Us

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” How many times have you heard that as a child? How many times have you said it? More importantly, how many times have names actually left a more lasting impact on you than any sticks or stones? We know the gravity of being hit with “sticks and stones,” but we also know that names have always carried their own weight and often more. In the late 60s, the Stonewall Riots put the LGBTQ community on the map. Along with that attention and presence came plenty of homophobic name-calling and hateful discrimination. It was as if the world had erupted with volcanic vicious vernacular. Names like “queer,” “faggot,” and “homo” w

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