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Riddle Scale
Homophobic Levels of Attitude

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Riddle Scale

Positive Levels of Attitude





Based on the Riddle Scale, "acceptance" of LGBTQ+ people, which is what many organizations and people have rightfully fought for, is still considered at the homophobic level.  Looking at the positive levels of attitude towards LGBTQ+ people in the Riddle Scale, we can see that one can offer support, admiration, appreciation and nurturance.  

Queery's  2020 National Coming Out Day Project focuses on those four positive levels of attitude where people can support, admire, appreciate and nurture LGBTQ+  and allied communities.  The project is called Queermark, a "queercentric" greeting card project.  

Launching on October 11th, National Coming Out Day, our first official Queermark card is the "Thank You for Coming Out!" card with our own famous "Sticks & Stones" font complete with the colors from the Progress Flag.  

The purpose of this first card is to encourage people to support, admire, appreciate, and nurture those who come out to them with a concrete and powerful message.

We have a modest goal with our first project, which is to offer 100 opportunities for people to feel supported, admired, appreciated and nurtured for the emotional and psychological work it takes to come out.  This can be done with 100 supporters  purchasing cards, 10 supporters purchasing bulk orders or a mix of the two.  Supporters can be people or organizations for or within LGBTQ+ communities.

Imagine not only fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, but offering the highest level of positive attitude towards LGBTQ+ people directly.

A note about the responsibility of giving someone this card: If someone comes out to you, they might not be out to everyone. This means that you may want to give them this card in private and have a conversation with them about how they feel about receiving and keeping this card.

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