We are always looking for projects to make queer theory accessible and fun for everyone. Here we have an array of projects you can become involved in.  Click any title or image below to learn more. 

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Queermark cards that celebrate queerness!

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QCBC creates a queer-centric safe space where folx can connect through books by LGBTQ+ authors.

#QueeryPronounChallenge encourages folks to add pronouns to their digital profiles and signatures. 


It is an easy way to normalize the use of pronouns in the virtual world that we hope will translate to real introductions and interactions.

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Queer Zen is our free weekly virtual meditation where you can join others in an hour-long journey to relaxing the mind, body and spirit. 

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Pride Zoom Backgrounds provide users like you with over 30 downloadable or screenshot pride-inspired images. 


Use these backgrounds during virtual meetings, get-togethers and more. 

Sticks and Stones was our kickoff project, where we presented visual puzzles (rebuses) to the general public to spark dialogue about terms used against and within the LGBTQ+ community and the lasting impact these terms can have.

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Facilitation Guidelines


Facilitating in a virtual world brings its own challenges.  You and your organization can use these facilitation guidelines to help participants better understand the ground rules.

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