Sticks and Stones

An innovative look at the words that harm us. As a pictorial, the visuals have a vibrancy and a wicked humor that speaks to everyone.

 - Dennis Chorpenning, Participant

Amazing and playful art on words that were used to cause pain.

 - Jay Adams, Participant

The show is a success on so many levels, creatively, politically, and emotionally.  It's really a powerful, thought provoking gift to our community.  Reclaiming these words through humor and intelligence is a tremendous step toward self-determination!!!

 - Bill Gaythwaite, Participant

The Queery team are consummate story tellers and facilitators.  As they take a group through their campaign and art installation...one can see the lightbulbs going off for participants.  

Queery's approach has helped to increase knowledge around community-level anti-oppression work and, in particular, address homophobia and transphobia in the culture but also in the domestic violence movement.

 - Lorien Castelle, 

   Director of Prevention, 

   NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV)